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Do you suffer from acute or chronic pain from an accident, surgery, or sport injury? Are you tired of living your everyday life in perpetual pain and suffering?

At Kinetic Labs, we are committed to ensuring that your fitness regimes or physical therapy sessions do not cause you lingering pain. With our arrays of pain relieving products, it is your turn to join thousands of other people and athletes who have chosen to embrace a stress-free and painless life.

Why use our Products?

kinetic labs hot & cold pack

alleviate acute pain

When you sustain an acute injury your doctor will usually recommend a cold pack. A bag of ice or frozen peas was always the best choice, however such methods can damage tissues and lead to frostbite.

Kinetic Labs offers Hot and Cold Therapy products that provide safe and powerful relief from bruises, strains, minor burns, and other acute injuries.

RElieve chronic pain

With Kinetic Labs effective pain relieving effect of heat therapy is accessible whenever and wherever you are. Doctors and physical therapists have been using heat packs for many years for all kinds of chronic pain – from muscle spasms to headaches and arthritis.

Now heat therapy is available in the comfort of your home. Just throw the gel pack in the microwave and get rapid hassle free pain relief.

heat therapy
kinetic labs myofascial release neck


Kinetic Labs offers a massage ball that is perfect for relaxing your muscles. While also loosening up your stiff thoracic spine, our mobility ball aids in your general body flexibility. Our special double massager reaches hidden spots between your vertebrae, alleviating pain, increasing your overall mobility, and offering much needed relaxation.

With our massage ball, you can easily relieve unreachable muscle knots, indulging in a self-massage session any time you like. Dealing with plantar fasciitis, thoracic spine mobility, or shoulder stress will become far simpler.

hot & cold wrap by kinetic labs

Available as a hot and cold therapy pack, our reusable gel pack with a wrap and a Velcro strap can be either frozen or heated, to give you distinct pain relieving solutions.

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