Getting into Running – Best Running Tips for Beginners

A lot of people want to start running and since you can jog almost anywhere, its one of the most convenient exercises and an awesome way to lose weight and stay in shape.  However if you are new to running, you may avoid taking a lot of time and committing to this type of experience. Yes, running is not easy, and getting into running can require a lot of time and focus.

Getting into running – where should I start?

There is nothing worse than putting on those running shoes, start sprinting full speed, and run out of breath seconds later. You need to learn how to build up running and keep up your motivation at the same time. Plus, there’s the commitment phase and questions like “should I start running?” and stuff like that. But yes, knowing how is running good for you and learning all the amazing health benefits you get from it will surely offer you a fresh perspective on why this is a very good thing to focus on.


Go see your physician

If you are new to running, it’s important to check with your doctor first. Some of us may have various health conditions that will not make running safe. Furthermore if you have symptoms, such as knee pain, going for a jog may not be the best idea at this time. So schedule a visit and tell about your running plans, so the doctor can clear you for running and give you any fitness-related advice.

Start with a gentle walk

Before you start getting into running, you have to learn how to become a good runner. The way you do that is with a regular and long walk. These walks tend to be a whole lot of fun most of the time, and they will offer you a very distinct and nice experience.

Once you are accustomed to walking for 20-30 minutes per day, add segments of around 1-2 minutes of running. You can walk in order to catch your breath after each segment of jogging. Yes, it’s not exactly a lot, but it does go to show that you can increase and improve your running experience and expertise this way.

getting into running

Consistency is key

One of the best ways to start getting into running is to be consistent. This is one of the best running tips for beginners, and the best part is that you can do it every day. Just make sure that you stick to a specific schedule and you don’t step away from that too much. If you do that, it will end up being problematic, and obviously, it can be the type of thing that you want to avoid. So try to squeeze at least three running sessions a week and soon you will see fantastic results.

Take breaks and know when to stop

When you learn how to begin running, one of the best things to know is when to stop. In case you deal with any inflammation, pain and you feel that something hurts, then you absolutely have to stop. A bag of ice or a cold pack may prove extremely useful in this case. Some of us may even benefit from some heat therapy. If you’re not sure which one will work for you, read this guide. So, taking some breaks from running sessions will help your body recover.

Gradually increase the distance

Always try to beat your previous record. This is one of the best running tips because it helps you stay in shape and it does bring in front a very distinct, fun experience because of that. Get a phone app or start a log, so you can record your progress. If you are using a fitness tracker, it will be easier to note down your mileage and speed, and you will be able to see what’s working and what isn’t. This log will encourage and motivate you later on, when your progress will become more visible.

getting into running

What to eat

When getting into running, this is a crucial aspect to focus on.  What you eat depends on the time of your running session. When running in the early morning, many of us don’t have the time to eat and digest food. If you intend to run for less than an hour, this is OK and will not do you any harm. Just make sure you maintain proper hydration levels. It is somewhat different, if your run is later in the day. Usually, the bigger your meal is, the more time you will require for digestion, so timing here is everything. You will probably want to wait 30-60-90 minutes, depending on what you ate, so you are not left with an upset stomach. Make sure your food has a lot of carbs and low in fat and fiber.

How to stay hydrated

Water intake is important, as it adjusts your body temperature, lubricates your joints, and flushes out waste and damaged cells from your body. A good idea here is to consume half your body weight in ounces per day. In this case if your weigh 120 lbs, make sure you drink at least 60 oz of water. Don’t forget about fruits and vegetables that will also give you fluids and antioxidants, boosting your recovery and immune system.

Run with a friend

If you are wondering how to start jogging, this tip can give you some amazing results. Make sure your friend has a similar fitness level as you or even a little better. In this case he or she will help you improve and push yourself even harder. Furthermore, a person with the same goals as yourself will hold you to account when you are feeling lazy and want to skip a day. If your friend does not share your jogging enthusiasm, joining a beginner running club may be a good idea. You can find them at local gyms, community centers, etc.

getting into running


Don’t forget about stretching exercises

It’s always a good idea to prevent injuries, rather than treat them. This is one of the most essential running tips for beginners, and especially for those who want to learn how to start running when out of shape. So a little preventive stretching after each running session can go a long way. If you are serious about running, get used to doing stretches as part of a cool down. This will not only loosen up tight muscles that can pull on your joints and lead to injury, but also help you with muscle soreness the next day.

As a whole, getting into running can be quite incredible and plenty of fun. Yes, this does come with its own unique challenges, but then again it will always be worth it, and that’s what really matters. As long as you are focused on getting into running, that’s all that’s important. Of course, consistency and determination are huge factors here as well, so try to balance all of that and stay focused on your target to achieve outstanding results with your running sessions!

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